Застрелить из Graflex Big Bertha

Один фотограф из Нью Йорка (James Petrozzello)  дал другому (Geoffrey Berliner) погонять камеру-пушку 4×5” Graflex  с объективом в 1000 мм, тому понравилось и пошёл отстреливать местных бейсболистов. Говорит, что удобно и что новости матча начались с него.

geoffrey berliner

Took the Graflex Big Bertha out today. @therealandrewmoore generously helped out and lent his expertise. We took the camera to a playing field near my apartment where there was a league #lacrosse game going on. These old Graflexes have limited shutter speeds because the tension springs are tired with age. I was able to shoot at 650/sec at f8. The lens has a focal length of 1000mm. It was surprisingly easy to use with the big reflex viewing screen and the tripod was very easy to use. It’s a Saltzman tripod that has a triple movement head. It’s very sturdy and stable, perfect for this camera. I used some Graflex 5×7 holders as well as a bag mag that holds 12 sheets of film, which performed nicely. I’ll have the film developed tomorrow. I really enjoyed setting up and shooting this beast. I’m glad it’s making pictures again. #film #largeformat #analog #bigbertha #graflex #filmisnotdead @penumbrafoundation #cameraporn #lensporn #cameracollection

geoffreyberlinerWho doesn’t love a huge camera? This is my Graflex Home Portrait 5×7 Big Bertha in the 3rd base press pit at Yankee Stadium on opening day 2016. Yankee photographer @jamespetrozzello made it possible for me to take this beast and shoot it that day. Thanks Jim. This camera was orginally made for the New York Daily News. @benwarnerphoto meticulously added @penumbrafoundation to the barrel. I’m itching to take it out again for another project. Jim have any ideas? #cameraporn #lensporn #vintage #vintagecamera #analog #film #filmisnotdead #sports #baseball #yankees #yankeestadium #nyc #nofilter #sportsphotography

Причём James Petrozzello снимает всякие там проходные портреты.


Мик Джаггер


А сам Geoffrey Berliner является директором студии Penumbra Foundation  в не самом лучшем городе земли и вообще, они украли у КАДФ идею и нахально продают свои отпечатки за тыщизелёных.



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